Thank you so much for donating to our campaign! We have many ongoing expenses, plus extensive legal fees, both from crafting the initiative and also the lawsuit filed against us by the whale watching industry. Members of our group are not only volunteering their time, but have taken money out of our own savings to fund this campaign. Every dollar we receive must be reported to the Public Disclosure Commission so we appreciate you including your street address, city and state if you write a check (if it’s on the check, great!). We are so grateful for your support and will never give up on our quest to bring relief to the endangered Southern Resident orca.

Please make checks payable to: Southern Resident Protection

PO Box 215

Lopez Island, WA 98261

If you prefer to donate on our crowdfunding site, please click here No amount is too small and every dollar helps us achieve our goal. May these magnificent whales recover and thrive in their ancestral waters!